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Training Workshop for UAE Corporate Tax

Date :
  • Hayford Integrated Training Institute, Dubai

Course Description

Hayford Integrated Training Institute is thrilled to present a comprehensive 5-hours training program focused on Corporate Tax. Join us for an in-depth exploration of key topics essential for professionals navigating the complex landscape of taxation and financial compliance.

Who should attend?

This course is ideal for individuals from all walks of life who wish to improve their public speaking abilities. It caters to:

  • Aspirants of Tax, Accounting, and Finance careers

  • Tax practitioners seeking deep understanding of the Tax framework

  • Business owners and managers looking out to avoid Tax penalties

  • Anyone seeking a comprehensive understanding of corporate tax, VAT, and Transfer Pricing

Learning Objectives

  • Develop exceptional verbal and non-verbal communication skills.

  • Deliver engaging and impactful presentations with confidence and conviction

  • Master techniques to captivate and engage audiences of all sizes.

  • Overcome stage fright and become a confident speaker in any setting

  • Understand the art of persuasive communication and its practical applications.

  • Tax Rate, Persons, Taxable Income, Deductions and Reliefs (Article 1 to 33)


  • Different types of persons attract different taxability, rates, and exemptions
  • Types of income can be taxable or exempt
  • Allowable deductions vary in type and extent
  • Rules for interest expense deduction and reliefs exist
  • Key definitions and concepts of persons are essential
  • Considerations for establishments or business presence in the UAE Mainland, Free Zone, or foreign jurisdictions
  • Understanding taxable income and factors influencing taxability
  • Testing candidates’ knowledge on residency and source of income
  • Exploration of the extent of taxability of income earned
  • Scenarios to test participants understanding of applying corporate tax in UAE
  • Argumentation on scenarios with changing variables for clarity
  • Rationale behind applying corporate tax on a person under UAE legislation.
  • Tax Groups, Tax Calculation and Settlement¬† (Article 34-70)


  • Transfer and adjustment of Tax Loss between related Parties and within Tax Groups
  • Consideration of Connected Persons, currency, Withholding, and Foreign Tax Credit
  • Understanding the Corporate Tax Return process
  • Payment and settlement procedures for Corporate Tax Payable
  • Refunds and Anti-Abuse rules in the context of Corporate Tax
  • Evaluation of candidates’ views in scenarios involving Arm’s Length rule
  • Analysis of scenarios related to Related Parties, Connected Persons, and Tax Groups
  • Assessment of whether relevant provisions of Corporate Tax law apply
  • Identification and mapping of gaps in understanding
  • Utilization of explanatory navigation technique to guide candidates to the correct conclusions.

Course Details


11:00 AM-5:00 PM


5 hours


Online / Face-to Face


AED 1,000

Training Workshop for UAE Corporate Tax
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Why Choose Hayford?

Hayford Integrated Training Institute is one of the prestigious training institutes in the region and has a global presence. Hayford serves the professional and student community in the region and globally through its best-in-class training and development programmes.

Hayford led by an eminent team of experts with a cumulative experience of 300+ years of professional experience in varied industries and professional domains now offers a conducive environment for the students to develop their knowledge, learn from the masters and practice what they have learned.

Hayford Advantage:

Live online Classes

Exam Rediness

Flexible Schedules

Concise Study Material

Recorded Lectures

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