Training Program for Corporate Tax, VAT, and Transfer Pricing

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Corporate Tax, VAT, and Transfer Pricing
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Training Program for Corporate Tax, VAT, and Transfer Pricing

Hayford Integrated Training Institute is thrilled to present a comprehensive 15-hour training program spanning three days, focused on Corporate Tax, VAT, and Transfer Pricing. Join us for an in-depth exploration of key topics essential for professionals navigating the complex landscape of taxation and financial compliance.

Benefits :

  • Applicatory knowledge and skills of Corporate Tax, VAT and Transfer Pricing
  • Staying abreast with the latest Tax framework knowledge to manage the risk of non-compliance
  • Getting acquainted with specialized areas of Tax such as International Taxation and Transfer Pricing
  • Becoming a part of the professional community that can provide real time solutions and career opportunities

Who Should Attend :

  • Aspirants of Tax, Accounting, and Finance careers
  • Tax practitioners seeking deep understanding of the Tax framework
  • Business owners and managers looking out to avoid Tax penalties
  • Anyone seeking a comprehensive understanding of corporate tax, VAT, and Transfer Pricing

UAE Corporate Tax

Day 1 (5 hours)

Tax Rate, Persons, Taxable Income, Deductions and Reliefs (Article 1 to 33)

  • Different types of persons attract different taxability, rates, and exemptions
  • Types of income can be taxable or exempt
  • Allowable deductions vary in type and extent
  • Rules for interest expense deduction and reliefs exist
  • Key definitions and concepts of persons are essential
  • Considerations for establishments or business presence in the UAE Mainland, Free Zone, or foreign jurisdictions
  • Understanding taxable income and factors influencing taxability
  • Testing candidates’ knowledge on residency and source of income
  • Exploration of the extent of taxability of income earned
  • Scenarios to test participants understanding of applying corporate tax in UAE
  • Argumentation on scenarios with changing variables for clarity
  • Rationale behind applying corporate tax on a person under UAE legislation.

Tax Groups, Tax Calculation and Settlement

(Article 34-70)

  • Transfer and adjustment of Tax Loss between related Parties and within Tax Groups
  • Consideration of Connected Persons, currency, Withholding, and Foreign Tax Credit
  • Understanding the Corporate Tax Return process
  • Payment and settlement procedures for Corporate Tax Payable
  • Refunds and Anti-Abuse rules in the context of Corporate Tax
  • Evaluation of candidates’ views in scenarios involving Arm’s Length rule
  • Analysis of scenarios related to Related Parties, Connected Persons, and Tax Groups
  • Assessment of whether relevant provisions of Corporate Tax law apply
  • Identification and mapping of gaps in understanding
  • Utilization of explanatory navigation technique to guide candidates to the correct conclusions.

UAE Arm Length Transfer Pricing

Day 2 (5 hours)

This course is designed to empower you with essential knowledge and skills in transfer pricing. Whether you’re a finance professional looking to enhance your expertise or an aspiring specialist aiming to navigate the complexities of international taxation, this course is tailored to meet your needs.

  • Transfer Pricing – Introduction & Basics
  • Functional Analysis (FAR) – In Practice
  • Methods of Transfer Pricing
  • Economic Analysis including comparable search on Database
  • Transfer Pricing Compliances – Documentation & Disclosure
  • Transfer Pricing in UAE Context – Practical Case Studies

Latest VAT Updates

Day 3 (4 hours)

VAT Scope, Supplies, Registration, Taxability and Designated Zones

  • Applicability of VAT on the supply of Goods and Services
  • Consideration of timing and value of supply in the context of VAT
  • Examination of VAT implications on Imports and Exports
  • Differentiation between Standard and Zero Rates for VAT
  • Understanding the Reverse Charge Mechanism under VAT
  • Impact analysis of Designated Zones on VAT
  • Requirement for VAT registration and criteria for eligibility
  • Identification of various types of supplies under VAT
  • Differentiation between Taxable and Exempt Supplies
  • Methods to determine the time and value of supplies for VAT purposes
  • Exploring the benefits associated with companies registered in Designated Zones.

VAT Return Components, Preparation, Settlement, VAT Documentation and Audits

  • Charging and recording procedures for Output VAT
  • Handling and recording of Input VAT
  • Allocation and apportionment of Input VAT
  • Consideration of adjustments and voluntary disclosure in the VAT process
  • Preparation and submission requirements for VAT Return
  • Payment procedures for VAT liability
  • Proper practices for issuing VAT invoices
  • Handling Credit Notes in the context of VAT
  • Importance of record-keeping in VAT compliance
  • Understanding the processes and implications of VAT audits
  • Awareness of penalties associated with non-compliance in VAT
  • Practical application of knowledge in critical areas of VAT compliance.

Course Details

Course Fee:

AED 1,500

Course Duration:

15 hours


Face to face &



Business Bay or

Jumeirah Lakes Towers


Awarding Body: KHDA

Participants will get KHDA & Hayford certification upon completion of course.

Muhammad Altaf Hussain

Senior Partner at AJMS Global Dubai, & Trainer at Hayford Integrated Training Institute

Ex Big 4 with 23 years of experience in Taxation & Advisory

Corporate Tax, VAT, and Transfer Pricing
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Why Choose Hayford?

Hayford Integrated Training Institute is one of the prestigious training institutes in the region and has a global presence. Hayford serves the professional and student community in the region and globally through its best-in-class training and development programmes.

Hayford led by an eminent team of experts with a cumulative experience of 300+ years of professional experience in varied industries and professional domains now offers a conducive environment for the students to develop their knowledge, learn from the masters and practice what they have learned.

Hayford Advantage:

Live online Classes

Exam Readiness

Flexible Schedules

Concise Study Material

Recorded Lectures

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