Raj Kumar Jajoo

(Manager- Compliance –  AJMS Global)​
Masters in Business Administration- Finance and Marketing ​
Bachelor of Commerce –University of Rajasthan, India

Raj Kumar Jajoo is working as a Manager of Compliance department at AJMS Global.​

He is an MBA in Marketing and Finance from R.A Podar Institute of Management, Jaipur . He has more than 5 years of professional experience in India & UAE with over 2 years in Anti-Money Laundering Audit, KYC audit and Compliance Audit in accordance with Dubai Financial Services Authority (DFSA) and Central Bank of UAE regulations.
His key responsibilities are understanding of AML/Compliance framework of the organization, ascertain deviation with the regulatory requirements and industry best practices, and advisory on the AML/Compliance functions which include:​
1. Review of KYC documentation for Client On-boarding. 
2. To perform risk assessment for corporate and individual clients.
 3. Prepare Enhanced Due Diligence Report for High-Risk customers. ​
4. Conduct transactional due diligence for high value transactions. ​
5. Identification of suspicious transactions. ​
6. Development of regulatory policies and procedures such as AML/CFT policy and procedures, Regulatory Business Plan, etc. ​
7. Conduct compliance trainings such as AML/CFT training, Anti-fraud training, etc.
8. Review the reporting hierarchy, duties and responsibilities of the Compliance Team. ​
9. Review of system controls.​
He has diversified portfolio due to association with various clients in financial industry (banking institutions, finance companies and money exchange houses) of Dubai. ​ Additionally, he assists banking clients for review and submission of quarterly and annual PIB return, and annual CRS/FATCA return to DFSA. ​ He has assisted local bank for periodic KYC review of corporate clients. ​ He has been part of Research and Development Programme with Reliance Jio, India. ​

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