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Comprehensive IFRS Training Workshop
For Finance and Non-Finance Professionals

  • Hayford Integrated Training Institute, Dubai

Course Description

This one-day training aims to provide finance and non finance professionals with a comprehensive understanding of key IFRS concepts, focusing on the Conceptual Framework for Financial Reporting, Income Taxes under IAS 12, ESG Hot Topics with a special emphasis on Disclosure Requirements under IFRS S1 and S2, and Green Financing through Power Purchase Agreements.

Who should attend?

  • Those who wish to understand about the technicalities of accounting and reporting requirements under the IFRS Framework.

  • Those who wish to understand the technicalities of ESG and the disclosure requirements

  • Finance, Internal Audit, Risk and other team members preparing for the implementation of Corporate Tax.

  • Executive officers, controllers, analysts, auditors and finance professionals who wish to gain a working knowledge of the updates, disclosures and accounting.

IFRS Conceptual Framework for Financial Reporting

  • Introduction to IFRS Conceptual Framework
  • Overview and purpose
  • Key principles guiding financial reporting

  • Qualitative Characteristics of Financial Information
  • Relevance and faithful representation
  • Comparability, verifiability, timeliness, and understandability

  • Elements of Financial Statements
  • Assets, liabilities, equity, income, and expenses
  • Recognition and measurement principles

  • Applying the Framework in Practice
  • Case studies and practical examples

IAS 12 – Income Taxes

  • Scope and Objectives of IAS 12
  • Understanding the scope of IAS 12
  • Objectives and key principles

  • Recognition and Measurement of Current and Deferred Tax
  • Tax bases, temporary differences, and deferred tax assets/liabilities
  • Practical examples and case studies

  • Uncertain Tax Positions
  • Provisions and disclosures under IAS 12
  • Handling uncertainty in tax positions

  • Interpretation Challenges and Recent Updates
  • Addressing common interpretation challenges
  • Overview of recent updates and amendments

ESG Hot Topics – Disclosure Requirements Under IFRS S1 and S2

  • Introduction to Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG)
  • Significance in financial reporting
  • Linkage to sustainability and responsible business practices

  • IFRS S1: Disclosure of Accounting Policies
  • Overview of disclosure requirements
  • Best practices for transparent reporting

  • IFRS S2: Disclosure of ESG Matters
  • Key components and disclosure requirements
  • Practical considerations for implementation

  • Case Studies and Interactive Discussion
  • Analyzing real-world examples
  • Group discussions on effective ESG disclosures
  1. Content Marketing:
  • Developing a content strategy
  • Content creation and distribution across platforms
  • Measuring content effectiveness
  1. Analytics and Data Interpretation:
  • Introduction to Google Analytics/ Google search console
  • Interpreting key metrics and making data-driven decisions
  1. Emerging Trends in Digital Marketing:
  • Exploring the latest trends and technologies
  • Staying ahead of the curve in the dynamic digital landscape

IFRS 9 – Financial Instruments - Updates and Considerations

  • Key Principles for IFRS 9
  • Classification of financial instruments – Initial and Subsequent
  • Business Model assessment – Business Model test and SPPI test

  • Impairment Assessment
  • Replacing Incurred loss method with Expected Loss method
  • Probabilistic estimation of losses
  • 3 Stage approach

Course Details


9:00 AM- 5:00 PM


8 Hours


Online / Face-to Face


1500 AED

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Why Choose Hayford?

Hayford Integrated Training Institute is one of the prestigious training institutes in the region and has a global presence. Hayford serves the professional and student community in the region and globally through its best-in-class training and development programmes.

Hayford led by an eminent team of experts with a cumulative experience of 300+ years of professional experience in varied industries and professional domains now offers a conducive environment for the students to develop their knowledge, learn from the masters and practice what they have learned.

Hayford Advantage:

Live online Classes

Exam Rediness

Flexible Schedules

Concise Study Material

Recorded Lectures

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