IFRS: 5-Day Comprehensive Course

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Diploma in IFRS
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IFRS: 5-Day Comprehensive Course

In an increasingly interconnected global economy, understanding and applying IFRS principles is vital for professionals in the field of finance. Cross-border transactions and the free flow of foreign wealth are critical to modern economies. Cross-border financial transactions account for more than a third of all transactions, and this figure is anticipated to rise. Diversification and investment possibilities are sought by investors throughout the world, while firms raise funds, conduct transactions, or have worldwide operations and subsidiaries in numerous countries.

The IFRS Accounting Standards address challenges pertaining to accounting standards for global markets by offering a high-quality, internationally recognized set of accounting rules that bring accountability, and efficiency to financial markets worldwide. IFRS Accounting Standards increase transparency by improving financial information’s worldwide comparability and quality, allowing investors and other market players to make more informed economic decisions. IFRS Accounting Standards improve responsibility by closing the knowledge gap between capital suppliers and those to whom they have committed their money.

This course is meant to provide participants with a thorough grasp of the IFRS concepts and implementation. This course will provide you with the information and skills you need to manage the complicated world of international financial reporting, whether you are a finance professional, accountant, or auditor. You will learn about the core ideas and best practices of IFRS through engaging lectures, practical case studies, and interactive discussions, allowing you to improve your financial reporting and decision-making skills.

Who Should Enroll?

  • Heads of Finance

  • Chief Accountants

  • Financial Controllers

  • Involved in preparing

  • IFRS financial statements

  • Analysts requiring

  • External and Internal Auditors

Learning Outcomes

  • Acquire a comprehensive understanding of the fundamental concepts and principles of IFRS.

  • Enhance their ability to interpret and analyze financial statements prepared under IFRS.

  • Stay up-to-date with the latest changes and updates in the IFRS framework.

  • Gain insights into the practical application of IFRS in different industries and scenarios.

  • Develop skills to address complex accounting issues and challenges encountered while implementing IFRS

  • Strengthen their professional credibility and marketability by earning a certificate of completion

Course Curriculam

  • Introduction to IFRSs

    IFRS standard setting – the bodies and due process Conceptual Framework

  • Content of IFRS Financial Statements

    Presentation of financial statements (IAS 1) Statement of cash flows (IAS 7) Accounting policies, changes in accounting estimates, and errors (IAS 8) Discontinued operations (IFRS 5) Events after the reporting period (IAS 10) Operating segments (IFRS 8) Interim financial reporting (IAS 34)

  • Assets

    Inventories (IAS 2) Property, plant & equipment (IAS 16) Borrowing costs (IAS 23) Intangible assets (IAS 38) Investment property (IAS 40) Impairment of assets (IAS 36)

  • Liabilities

    Leases (IFRS 16) Employee benefits (IAS 19) Provisions, contingent liabilities, and contingent assets (IAS 37)

  • Financial Instruments

    Presentation (IAS 32) Recognition and Measurement (IFRS 9) Disclosures (IFRS 7) Fair value measurement (IFRS 13)

  • Business Combinations and Interests in Other Entities

    Business combinations (IFRS 3) Consolidated financial statements (IFRS 10) Investments in associates and joint ventures (IAS 28) Joint arrangements (IFRS 11)

  • Income Taxes

    Income taxes (IAS 12)

  • Revenue

    Revenue from contracts with customers (IFRS 15)

  • First-time Adoption of IFRSs (IFRS 1)

Diploma in IFRS
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