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Fintech Programme

The Fintech industry is growing rapidly and it is altering our perceptions of finance. Fintech firms use technology to make money more accessible, inexpensive, and easy for everybody. Our Fintech course covers everything from blockchain technology to cryptocurrencies and artificial intelligence. You will learn about the newest industry trends and advancements, and how they are affecting the financial environment.

Our Fintech course is suitable for anyone who wants to develop a strong understanding of finance and technology. Whether you are a finance professional, a technology enthusiast, or a student looking to break into the industry, our course has something for you. Our expert instructors bring years of experience in both finance and technology and will provide you with practical, hands-on training to help you apply your knowledge in real-world situations.

Course Curriculum

  • Evolving Financial System Landscape

  • Fintech Use Cases

  • Digital or Challenger Banks

  • Types of FinTech - InsurTech, RegTech, PayTech, etc.

  • Fund Raising Activities

  • Types of FinTech - InsurTech, RegTech, PayTech, etc.

  • How non-financial services are using FinTech to attract customers/sell more to customers?

Course Benifits

Enhanced Skills

Regulatory Compliance

Global Insights

Competitive Advantage

Learning Objectives

Fintech Brochure
Contact Details
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