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Block Chain
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Blockchain is a revolutionary technology that serves as a specific type of database, uniquely storing structured information. It utilizes a chain of blocks, where each new piece of data is added to a new block, which is then linked to the previous block, creating a chronological sequence. Blockchains serve as ledgers for recording financial transactions and creating new digital currency in the context of cryptocurrencies.

At Hayford, we recognize the immense impact of blockchain on various industries. That’s why our Blockchain Course is designed to empower participants with a comprehensive understanding of this transformative technology.

Who is it for?

  • Professionals seeking to enhance their knowledge and skills in blockchain implementation.

  • Entrepreneurs and business owners exploring the potential of blockchain for their businesses.

  • Professionals in finance, banking, supply chain, healthcare, and other industries impacted by blockchain.

  • Technology enthusiasts interested in learning about the underlying principles and applications of blockchain.

  • Consultants and advisors seeking to expand their expertise in blockchain consulting and advisory services.

  • Anyone curious about the transformative power of blockchain and its potential impact on various industries.

Course Outline

  • Blockchain finally explained
  • Defining factors of blockchain
  • Past, present, and future of blockchain
  • Defining cryptocurrency
  • Types of cryptocurrency
  • Overview of leading currencies
  • Currency trends and figures
  • Trading of cryptocurrency
  • Overview of ICO (Initial Coin Offer)
  • Blockchain vs. traditional database
  • Explaining distributed ledger
  • Overview of cryptography
  • Keys as identity
  • Understanding transactions in a
    distributed network
  • Peer-to-peer network
  • Validation of transactions
  • Building blocks
    Chaining of blocks
  • Data structure of blockchain
  • Smart contracts and their functionality
  • Digital tokens
  • Blockchain ecosystem
  • Types of blockchain
  • What is mining?
  • Who are miners?
  • How mining works?
  • Miners resources and rewards
  • Consensus algorithm
  • Various consensus mechanisms
  • Smart contracts and their role in
  • What is Ethereum?
  • Transactions in Ethereum
  • The Ethereum ecosystem and dApps
    (decentralized applications)
  • Introduction to Solidity (Ethereum programming language)
  • Ethereum smart contracts
  • Future of Ethereum
  • Introduction to Hyperledger
  • Hyperledger architecture
  • Introduction to Golang
  • Chain code
  • Instructor demo of setting up a
    network and deploying chain code
  • Overview and comparisons of various
    blockchain implementations
  • Overview of various blockchain
    platforms (Ethereum, Fabric, Sawtooth,
    Multichain, R3, Corda, Bigchain DB)
  • Comparison of blockchain platforms
    and limitations
  • Use cases from various industries
  • How blockchain is expected to disrupt
    government and economy
  • Live demo of Happy Coin application
    (in-house application)
  • Brainstorming session to facilitate the
    idealization of implementing
    blockchain in your businesses

Course Objectives

  • Understand the underlying principles and defining factors of blockchain technology.

  • Explore the past, present, and future of blockchain and its potential impact on various industries.

  • Gain insights into different types of cryptocurrencies, trading, and ICOs.

  • Comprehend the concept of mining, consensus algorithms, and smart contracts.

  • Explore Ethereum and its ecosystem, including transactions, solidity, and smart contracts.

  • Discover Hyperledger architecture and its comparison with other blockchain platforms.

  • Analyze real-life use cases and how blockchain disrupts governments and economies.

  • Develop a personal roadmap for implementing blockchain solutions in your business.

Block Chain
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